Mobile Deposit Instructions

To sign up as a User:

Download the Peninsula Federal Credit Union app from the App store (Apple or Google).

On the bottom tabs select "Move Money" then choose the "Deposit Check" bubble.

Enter your Home Banking Authentication or Credentials.

Click, "Register". Once registration is approved hit "Deposit Check" and enter information requested.

Endorsement Requirements

Your signature is required along with "For Mobile Deposit".

Thank you for enrolling in mobile deposit. To protect the Credit Union for losses, each account holder will have established deposit limits. These limits will be reviewed periodically, making changes as needed. Deposit limits may be changed according to credit worthiness, account standing, and deposit activity and/or abuse. If you deposit exceeds the set limit, it will be forwarded to the Credit Union for manual review. If approved, funds will be credited to your account immediately. If a check needs a hold placed or is denied, you will receive a notification on your mobile device.

Notifications will be sent through the mobile application if enrollment or checks are approved/denied, sent for manual review, or placed with a hold. You must authorize alerts on your mobile device in order to receive these notifications.

The Credit Union reserves the right to revoke authorization, adjust deposit limits, and deny/reserve checks at any time, without notification, due to abuse of this service.

For questions please call, Main Office: 906-789-6400; Mill Office: 906-786-2732; or our Menominee Office: 906-863-5382.

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