Save to Win

It's a Savings Account With a Twist!

Who Says Saving Money Can't Be Fun? 

When you save $25 in your 12 month Save to Win savings account, you earn a chance to win one of over 150 monthly $25 prizes. Each entry also earns you the chance to win one of the quarterly prizes of up to $5,000. As a member of PFCU you will be entered in to win a PFCU Member drawing where two winners are chosen each month to win $50!man smiling with cash in one hand, making thumbs-up gesture with the other

A Game-Like Approach to Savings

When you make a qualifing deposit of at least $25 into your Save to Win Account, you're automatically entered into a drawing where you'll have a chance to win monthly and quarterly prizes up to $5,000. The more you save, the more entries you earn! Each member can enter to win 10 times a month, or save up to $250 a month. 

Win Big While Keeping Your Investment

Not only is your money insured by the NCUA, but you get to keep every dollar you invest plus interest. 

It is truly a win-win!

Start saving today, signing up is easy, and you can sign up by yourself through your online banking or mobile app.


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