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What Can You Do at the ITM?
May 28, 2024By Diana McKnight

PFCU currently has several ITMs. While they can function as an ATM, they also offer more in depth features for your account!

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Bill Pay
May 14, 2024By Jeremy Nelson

Are you tired of writing checks and driving all over town each month to pay your monthly bills? Bill Pay may be your solution!

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The Power of Savings with PFCU's Kids and Teens Club
April 30, 2024By Christyne Hawley

Did you know that PFCU has a savings program for kids age 17 & under? PFCU's Kids and Teens Club can help your youth build a foundation for saving that can last a lifetime!

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VISA® Options at PFCU
April 3, 2024By Ashley Rousseau

PFCU has you covered when it comes to finding the right VISA® credit card for your needs! 

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What Can a Financial Counselor Help You With?
March 11, 2024By Tonia Landsfeld

Did you know? Peninsula Federal Credit Union has Financial Counselors at each branch to help you get on track with your finances so you can reach your goals!

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Save to Win Certificates at PFCU
March 5, 2024By Ashley Rousseau

Save to Win certificates are a great way to grow your savings, and increase your chances to win more! 

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Tips to Prevent Bad Debt and Delinquency
February 20, 2024By Shayna Marmalick and RayAnn LaFord

Are you concerned you may fall behind on your loans at the credit union? Worried you may not know how to prevent it? We can help. The truth is everyone has debt. The key to maintaining your debt is easy when you take the right steps in doing so.

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How to Save for a House
February 2, 2024By Sandy Johnson and Tammie Hornik

Saving up for a home is no small task. We have some tips for you to break it down step-by-step to make reaching your goals easier!

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ESI (Excess Share Insurance)
January 22, 2024By Tara Price and Jeremy Nelson

When it comes to your finances, you want to know that your money is safe! PFCU has you covered, more than you may think!

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