ScoreCard Rewards

We are proud to offer ScoreCard Rewards that are free to earn on all debit cards, VISA® Rewards Cards, and Business Visa Cards. ScoreCard Rewards are earned every time you sign with your debit card or a rewards Visa card.

You can redeem your rewards in multiple ways! 

Travel/Gift Rewards

Redeem your rewards for vacations or other various items such as home appliances, beauty or electronic purchases. 

ScoreCard Cash Back Rewards

Redeem your rewards for cash! Money will deposited into your account no later than 5 days after your redemption request is made.

**Point and Dollar Amounts are Subject to Change. Rewards can be redeemed at any point amount, no minimum required. Cannot be combined with other ScoreCard Points. Rewards expire 60 months from the date they are earned.

Get Your Debit or Rewards VISA® Card To Start Earning Points Today!

ScoreCard Rewards

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