Open a Savings Account!

A Savings Account with Peninsula Federal Credit Union is a great way to save, earn dividends, and keep your savings insured. The minimum deposit for a new account is $5. This $5 holds your own share in the Credit Union. Apply online or stop into one of our branches to get started-- no appointment necessary! 

Prime Shares Account

Your Savings Account or, Prime Shares Account, officially establishes your membership at the Credit Union. This account is where your savings funds, as well as your $5 share in the Credit Union will be held while your account is open. 

Special Savings Accounts

Under your Prime Shares Account, you can open Special Shares accounts. These are also known as Sub Accounts. You can open and "nickname" up to 10 Sub Accounts. These can be helpful with budgeting and organizing your money, all while continuing to earn dividends!

Business Savings Accounts

A business account qualifies for membership the same way an individual does. Documentation is required to open business accounts. Call or stop into any branch to find out the documents that are needed to open an account for your business.


Your savings in the Credit Union is insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) along with Excess Share Insurance (ESI) which covers an additional $1,000,000. Excludes Business and Organization Accounts.