Debit Cards

Authored By: Christyne Hawley on 7/11/2023

Debit cards are an easy way to purchase your everyday groceries to purchasing items online. Members have the option to round up to the nearest dollar and it will be transferred to their savings at night.  We offer our debit cards to members as young as 13 years of age. Debit cards help teach teens financial responsibility.  

Our debit cards are instant issued. Which means members get their debit cards same day as requested and can use it next day. This option is less time consuming and hassle free during waiting for the debit card come in the mail. 

Another great feature is being able to freeze debit cards through online banking. A member can freeze their card through the app if they misplaced it in the house or car. It saves the hassle of completely shutting off your card. Members are also able to make travel notes with the credit union, so their debit card doesn’t get blocked for possible fraud.  


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Christyne Hilken

Member Service Representative





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