Electronic Signing

Authored By: Mary Nelson on 6/8/2023

Electronic loan signing, also known as e-sign, is a quick, convenient way to sign loan documents, signature cards, debit disputes, and many other types of forms require signatures.  

This is a time saving way to complete forms no matter where you are. Snowing? Sign in the comfort of your home! On vacation? Sign for a loan if you need a little extra cash! 

To use e-sign, you will need an email account and a mobile phone or computer to view the documents. With a few clicks of a button, your documents will be complete. Here are a few tips to remember when signing. 

Each person will need their own unique email address. They will also get their own access code. 

Make sure you have a good internet connection before signing. 

Most loan documents have several pages. Please click on each page to avoid missing any signatures. 

After all the pages are signed, please click submit to finalize the signing. 

Once the credit union receives the signed forms back, we will deposit the funds into your account, or cut a check for you to pick up at any office! 



Mary Nelson

Loan Processor Lead




This blog is not on behalf of Peninsula Federal Credit Union.


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