ESI (Excess Share Insurance)

Authored By: Tara Price and Jeremy Nelson on 1/22/2024

Did you know that Peninsula Federal Credit Union insures your savings more than the $250,000 that the NCUA (National Credit Union Association) covers? PFCU has what’s called ESI, or Excess Share Insurance, to keep your savings safe, even at higher balances!


In 1929, people lost their jobs, their homes, and their hard-earned money to the Great Depression. This was a scary time for everyone, no one knew what the next day was going to bring. However, like any other worldwide event, the days went on and people went back to living their lives after a while. Financial Institutions learned from this and adapted new safeguards to protect their members. Here is where it gets GOOD! Here at Peninsula Federal Credit Union, we want to be your Trusted Financial Partner. One way we do that is by adding an additional layer of protection that backs our members’ deposits called ESI to give members peace of mind at no cost to them.

What is ESI?

ESI provides additional coverage up to $1,000,000, YUP you read that right! In addition to the NCUA coverage of $250,000! Members of Peninsula Federal Credit Union are protected up to $1,250,000! ESI is a credit union-owned private deposit insurer founded in 1974 by credit unions, for credit unions.

ESI would only come into play IF there were to be a great event in the Financial World such as the great depression. This is unlikely to happen, however, Peninsula Federal Credit Union provides that protection, so you don’t have to worry!


John Member, and his wife Jane Member, are wondering what will be covered out of their accounts with PFCU. The couple has the following accounts:

John’s Primary Account = $350,000 (Fully covered up to $1,250,000)

Joint Account with Jane as primary = $500,000 (Fully covered up to $1,250,000)

John’s Roth IRA account = $500,000 (Fully covered up to $1,250,000).

Without ESI John and Jane would have $550,000 in assets that would not be covered.

*Excludes Business and Organization Accounts




Tara Price

Call Center Representative

Jeremy Nelson

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