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Authored By: Abby Runkel on 7/20/2023

If you have a VISA® Rewards or debit card with Peninsula Federal Credit Union, you may be earning Scorecard® points with your purchases. When you use the rewards card or charge your debit card as credit when making purchases, you are earning these points! So, what does this mean? For each dollar you spend on your VISA®, you earn 1 point. For every $4 you spend on your debit card, charged as credit, you earn 1 point. You can use your points to earn cash back or other rewards on the Scorecard® website.

You can even use your points for things like appliances, handbags, kitchen supplies, furniture and so much more! My favorite reward from Scorecard® has got to be concert tickets! To see all your options, you can visit the Scorecard® website and shop around.

Another fun fact about Scorecard® points is that they can be transferred! If you and your roommate or spouse want to combine your points to finally get that new TV, all you have to do is let the credit union know so they can start the transfer for you!

You can also exchange your points for cash back. This is as easy as calling or stopping into the credit union and signing a form. They will then put the funds into your account within the next few days!

Maybe you want to save your points for a big-ticket item! Points don’t expire for 60 months from when you earn them, so you have time to save them for that super reward!


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