TravelMoney Cards (Travel Cards)

Authored By: Tara Price on 4/5/2023


What is it?

A TravelMoney Card is a reloadable card that can be used to make purchases in-store or online.

Why Use a Travel Card?

Why should members look into purchasing and using a Travel Card? This card is not connected to your PFCU account. If members were to lose it, their accounts at PFCU are safe. If someone were to pick up a Travel Card off the street, they would have no access to PFCU accounts. Another great benefit to having a Travel Card is if your PFCU debit card has a block put on it due to suspected fraud or unusual activity while on vacation. Members have a backup card that they can always add funds to over the phone. A Travel Card is a great option for those wanting to travel and have peace of mind while on vacation.

How much can I put on the card?

The minimum balance to load the card with is $100.00 and the maximum load balance is $5,000.00. When reloading your card, there is a $2.00 fee that gets taken from your load balance. (If you want $200.00 on your card, load $202.00 on the card.)

How do I get one?

Stop in at your nearest PFCU branch to purchase one. Here is what you will need to purchase a TravelMoney Card:

•          Be a member of PFCU

•          Current mailing address

•          Phone number that you can be reached at

•          Current email address (for fraud notifications)

•          The funds for the card

•          The $6.00 purchase fee

At the time of purchase, you will receive a packet with VERY important information about your Travel Card. The information in the packet contains the following: how to activate your card, how to set a 4-digit pin number, the list of fees associated with the card, and more.




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