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How to Save for a House
February 2, 2024By Sandy Johnson and Tammie Hornik

Saving up for a home is no small task. We have some tips for you to break it down step-by-step to make reaching your goals easier!

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Budgeting Tips
January 9, 2024By Morgan Schiedemeyer

Have you struggled with trying to budget your expenses month to month? Here are some tips to get your finances headed in the right direction!

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How to Hit Your Savings Goal
November 6, 2023By Drew LaVacque

Reaching a savings goal without a plan can certainly be a challenge. Once you take the steps to set yourself up for success, it is a walk in the park!

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Subaccounts and ACH Distributions
September 30, 2023By Abby Runkel

Trying to budget can be a challenge. Setting up ACH distributions and subaccounts can help you simplify the task!

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Benefits of Share Certificates
February 21, 2023By Kayla Bizeau

A question you may be asking yourself is why should I open a Share Certificate? In this blog you will find out the ways a share certificate can be useful for your savings needs!

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February 7, 2023By Ashley Rousseau

The amount of different ways to save your money can be confusing and overwhelming. Here is a break down of some of the different types of certificates that Peninsula FCU currently offers. 

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Debit Card Round Up
January 24, 2023By Whitney Pratt

With the New Year comes New Year's Resolutions. We are here to help you check one of your resolutions off your list!

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