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Budgeting Tips
January 9, 2024By Morgan Schiedemeyer

Have you struggled with trying to budget your expenses month to month? Here are some tips to get your finances headed in the right direction!

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Avoiding Fraud via Phone Call
November 20, 2023By Kristi Lordson

The thought of fraud is scary and unsettling. Unfortunately, fraud attempts are inevitable. We have some tips to help you prevent it as much as possible! 

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How to Hit Your Savings Goal
November 6, 2023By Drew LaVacque

Reaching a savings goal without a plan can certainly be a challenge. Once you take the steps to set yourself up for success, it is a walk in the park!

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A2A (Account to Account) Transfers
October 24, 2023By Abby Runkel

Do you find yourself struggling to make it to your financial institutions before they close due to your busy schedule? An A2A may be your solution!

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Subaccounts and ACH Distributions
September 30, 2023By Abby Runkel

Trying to budget can be a challenge. Setting up ACH distributions and subaccounts can help you simplify the task!

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Loans at PFCU
September 12, 2023By Abby Runkel

Are you looking for a loan? Whether you need a small loan to get you through a tough time, are looking for a new car, or finally ready to find your forever home, Peninsula Federal Credit Union has options for you!

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Oh, Deer! Vehicle Coverage
August 28, 2023By Lisa Lofquist

Do you have GAP on your auto loan? It may be something that could save you some serious money in the future! Read more to find out if GAP may fit your financial needs!

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Convenient Banking
August 22, 2023By Whitney Pratt

PFCU offers many different types on banking technology to best fit your needs on your schedule, read more to find out what features you may be missing out on!

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Self-Employed Income
August 7, 2023By Ashley Edwardsen

If you are looking at starting your own business, or maybe have one already, this information may be just what you need to keep the best possible track of your income!

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