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Scorecard® Points
July 20, 2023By Abby Runkel

Are you earning Scorecard® Points for your purchases? Find out all about how to earn and how to use them!

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Debit Cards
July 11, 2023By Christyne Hawley

Are you new to the world of debit cards? We have the basics here for you!

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Electronic Signing
June 8, 2023By Mary Nelson

If you are unable to come into one of our branches to sign documents, or find that it is more convenient to sign remotely, e-signing is just what you need!

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Cosigning 101
May 30, 2023By Tonia Landsfeld

Do you have questions about cosigning and everything it entails? Look no further, we have the details here!

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Mortgage Protection
May 15, 2023By RayAnn LaFord

Do you have a plan if something happens and you can't make your mortgage payment? If not, maybe a mortgage protection plan is the move for you!

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Mortgage Products
May 2, 2023By Kali Katarincic-Mills

When it comes to your home, you want to find what is just right for YOU! The same applies to how you finance that home! Peninsula Federal Credit Union has several options to help you make the right move for YOU!

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Travel Notes
April 18, 2023By Abby Runkel

Heading out of town? Make sure your VISA/Debit cards are ready to travel with you!

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TravelMoney Cards (Travel Cards)
April 5, 2023By Tara Price

Keep your money safe while traveling! In this blog you will learn the benefits of PFCU's Travel Cards and how you can make the most out of your vacation.

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Get Paid to Learn
March 21, 2023By Whitney Pratt

Find out how to earn gift cards while learning about age apropriate financial information. 

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